When Russian olive wood is first cut, it released an unpleasant, overwhelming odor. While this cuts down on sparks, it still doesnt keep smaller ones from escaping thru the gaps in the doors. Allergies/Toxicity: Besides the standard health risks associated with any type of wood dust, no further health reactions have been associated with Russian Olive. Get The FactsContinue, There are 21 species of walnut trees around the world, but black walnut and English walnut are two of the most popular varieties in North, Read More How Good Is Walnut Firewood? I HAVE to burn green to keep from feeding it all day. Like the man said , if you got it free, its worth burning for heat. The Blue beech is more or less a weed species but does produce very dense wood which I harvest when it seems sickly or is growing in clumps. Just cut down a Shingle Oak Tree here in Ohio. The information was gathered by internet and talking to old timers. Is it worth it? Although it does not grow to be large in diameter, with older varieties of the tree, splitting the trunk part of the tree can be pretty difficult. The tree, about 30ft tall,Read more . Every year we have to cut several down. But its tendency to take on more water in certain settings means extended seasoning time. The live oaks did just fine since they have such small leaves (unless they got in the way of a falling black oak). My comment doesnt pertain to btus so much, but would like to say that here in central Ind., I look for elms,not sure if there rock, red or slippery elms.But easy to spot cuz they die avg. I am refinishing a 3 drawer, 4 cupboard piece of furniture that I believe is olive wood. Really enjoy the contributions. here in washington all the old timers and people that heat there houses just with wood buy douglas fir and the hipsters burn hard wood because they think its better. Selecting the Right Firewood Firewood heat output is measured in "British Thermal Units" or BTUs. NOW I LIVE IN ARIZONA AND THE CEDAR OUT HERE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Do some searching on coal for a closeby source. Its abundent where I live Northern MN. Due to being more shrub-like than other trees, Russian olive trees have very little sap. FYI, this insert has glass doors and a chain-link curtain inside them. Though that is not to say that their moisture levels are exceedingly high. I cant locate any ratings for this wood. Russian Olive RO 250. If you take a piece of that wood and another same size piece of another type of wood that you know the BTU of, you can get a general idea. Definitely a burning smell. We normally burn red oak in the fireplace. I have found a good way to make charcoal if your a pyro maniac / fire bug like me. I have a feeling, based on the small amount of sapwood (which is just a theory of mine) , that it is good but havent put it to the test yet. We hope to purchase a wood stove to heat a portion of the farmhouse / kitchen and family room much as we have done in our other home for 20 years. Quick Answers. I was around the wood many years ago and remembered that it smelled bad. I use Hickory, White or Red Oak,Beech,tulip Poplar,& Sycamore. Finished with a combination mixture of clear lacquer, boiled linseed oil, and denatured alcohol. Love this site! Russian Olive is not closely related to the wood that is commonly referred to as Olivewood (Olea europaea)and may be distinguished from true Olive by the endgrain. All you ever wanted to know about Russian Olive except its BTU's. dyson ball animal pro plus hard to push. Be sure to let it season before burning to know how it should truly burn .Funny Story, I had a friend that cut a storm fallen red oak . Never park under one when thay have hedge apples on them. I heard somewhere that most of the ash comes from the bark. . The two common types found in these parts are tall shrubs or small trees, depending on site characteristics They are in the Rose family. Many people despise Russian olive trees as they make it difficult for other trees to thrive. Some locals began tackling the problem on their own by funding small removal projects, but the effort was minimal in response to the widely growing tree population. Please leave your comments or questions on those pages if you have experience or questions about those types of firewood. Burning green wood is bad for any number of reasons, but especially so when the wood has a high sap content. Russian olive will smoke a substantial amount if not left to dry out for long enough. Fascinating site! The more dense a wood is, the more weight and BTU it will have. Hickory The wood from the hickory family of trees, which includes pecan trees, is also very dense and prized for use as firewood, being of similar quality to oak. Other names for the Russian olive include oleaster, wild olive, or silver berry. They have a wierd looking fruit that is bright green and and can be as big as a cantaloupe and just as heavy. I have a few standing dead pin oaks. Its now plentiful since it has been declared a nuisance species. At 23.0 million BTUs of heat per cord, Russian olive gives off moderate heat. A little off topic for this page so you might not get much response here. The pecan burned good considering it wasnt fully seasoned . We have burned about 7 1/2 cord and I just ran out. Persimmon is a good secret,burns hot and long. Thanks, Barry , I think tulip poplar would be similar to cottonwood since they are both in the poplar family . It seems kinda light and when I pay 12.50/cord+driving for lodge poll pine I don't know if it is worth it. Over 50 years heating with wood; Woodstock Fireview; Stihl Farm Boss 290 Stihl 180; 20 ton MTD Splitter. I burned some buckthorn in 1.5 to 4 diameter unsplit and that stuff burns HOT in our wood stove; it stinks and its not the easiest to start. I have not tried the Madrona yet,but have a quarter of a cord for sale for $75.00! Remove the limbs from the bottom of the trunk first, followed by the top limbs, advises the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension website. We run fans in the winter as much as we run them in the summer. Kaleidoscope, Mini, Russian Olive Wood, Artisan Handcrafted, Gift for all Ages, Christmas, Graduation, Birthday, Men, Women (520) Ad vertisement by wrightmade. Make this cut 12 to 18 inches from the ground on the side of the tree you want to hit the ground first. There is tons of it, here and I will be harvesting a lot of it for mallet heads and for knife scales, too! They put out some tremendous heat . They are in same family as osage orange . The cores, thick bark that protects the Russian olive wood makes it difficult for the wood to dry out as quickly as pine or fir if not split. How Does Russian Olive Compare To Other Firewood? Western Hardwoods Figures from California Energy Commission BTU Rating Based on 90 cubic feet of solid wood per 128 cubic foot cord In comparison, Russian olive burns at 23 BTU. Id like to see a table with all of these parameters listed by species. Some states have made the sale of Russian olive trees illegal, to prevent their spreading. I think many of us are a little envious of the river bottom land you have and the great hardwoods you have access to. This wood is twice as hot as anything else. The Russian Olive I have seems very dense, but I haven't burned much yet. I am planting some of the Eastern varieties out here that we had in PA. Read to find out. Is it possible that different poplars are being compared? Lots of oak available here, but I still take what I can get. --. Olive is diffuse porous, whileRussian Olive is ring-porous. The multiple piece splitters seem highly efficient also. I would also like to know more about if youRead more . Your chart shows the two very close in heat output and weight. French Polynesia, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Libya, Martinique, Middle East, New Caledonia, Oceania, Reunion, Russian Federation, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, South America . How to Grow Rosemary From Cuttings Propagate Rosemary, Mexican Mock Orange: Everything About TheChoisya Ternata, Magnolia Shrub: Everything About The Magnolia Bush, Crape Myrtle Shrub: Everything About The Crape Myrtle Tree, Lilac Shrub: Everything About The Lilac Bush. Also, it tends to split easily while drying. The coals cook a mean hot dog after a few brews. It is not wood that leaks water as soon as it is split, unlike sycamore wood. Output is a whole nother cat. Well-seasoned olive burns clean and produces a light and fragrant smoke. The data for these charts was compiled from various sources with different firewood types. The black locust sparks more as its moisture content rises. I have a large sweet gum tree blown over by a storm. I get up in the morning and heat our little berm home from 66-67 to 71-74 degrees with cottonwood and red elm in an hour and a half with cottonwood providing the bulk of the heat. Not good for firewood but great for woodworking. Not my favorite wood but I may change my mind after the project is finished. I have no empirical data, but for us they have given decent heat. Russian olive is medium-quality firewood. I have 4 of them that I want to cut down. I have found out that no mater what you call it, when it is -12 degrees outside and it will burn then it is really Good firewood. Wisconsin. seriously other than the odd russian olive its rare to find a tree someone will let yah cut down around here that aint cottonwood though occasionally someone wants a maple or something . I added the BTU of Eucalyptus to the charts but I cant find consistent data for avocado and almond. The metal on our fire pit melted . They died. I have burned about every tree that grows in this county (except cottonwood and willow, which is about worthless), and the best, by far, is Osage Orange. How Much Sap Content Does Russian Olive Have? Russian olive trees produce good firewood with a BTU heat rating of 23.0 million per cord. I thought the same. BTU value is about the same for all hard wood when equal weight of dry is burned. The dense, deeply creviced bark makes a perfect hideout for spiders and insects. The fireplace is rated at a whopping 25% efficient! I am courious about the btu of pecan and swamp chestnut oak and which oak burns the best . Both put out considerably more heat than anything we have in Alaska and when its -30 outside you can use all the BTUs you can get. Poplar, Cottonwood, and Aspen: Whats What? I live on the west slope too and have found that oak, even when protected, doesnt keep that well, unlike cedar, pine, fir, or lodgepole. Live in S/W Missouri, and wood heat is our only source for 3,400 sq. It burns clean and hot. I am a latecomer to this site. Be wary of using Russian olive wood in an open fireplace. In this area, several limbs come together into one knotted mess. Common Uses: Knife scales, bowls, pens, and other small woodturning projects. The dense, deeply creviced bark makes a perfect hideout for spiders and insects. You could post in the forum and maybe have a better chance of a response. I noticed a lack of information on Hickory. Too far north for pecan here. Investing in a safety fence to protect you and your fireplace is a good idea anyway, especially if you plan to use Russian olive or firewood tamarack or fir regularly. Autumn olive ( Elaeagnus umbellata) is an ornamental shrub first introduced to North America in the mid-1800s. im in lebanon,pa area. Great aroma too. Although it does not grow to be large in diameter, with older varieties of the tree, splitting the trunk part of the tree can be pretty difficult. cure time is at least 2 years covered,found a rating of 16 mil btus per cord but it was rated as poor firewood. Anyone know the best way to seal it? Its the worst wood Ive ever encountered. Russian olive wood produces an unpleasant odor when green. Sapwood a much lighter yellow-white. Im guessing that the Hemlock that I can get is eastern soft wood correct 15.9? interesting site. Russian olive will mostly produce a lot of ash but will burn for a long time regardless. I have about a hundred of these that were cut in maintaining a power line right of way. 4 years later I still come here when I need to cut a load of firewood. The aspen and spruce burn quickly and hot which works well with my boilers aquastat and powered vent system when the water cools below 175F, the fan kicks on and the easy starting, fast burning junk wood flames up quickly which works well to maintain a constant water temp at 180F maintains the set point and keeps the control loop tight. Hi! It is quite old and is hanging over mine and my neighbors drive ways. Despite this, there are some pros to using it as firewood, as well as some cons. I could turn on electric or gas boiler but the excercise and knowing you are hurting bottom line of Electrical Supply Utility keeps me Range of burning properties of the Australian eucalypts covers the full spectrum (and dont even bother with wattles). Even though it is not firewood you should use to start your fire, it does produce a BTU of 23 million per cord once it gets going. I want to leave it as natural as possible. White and red oak burn well. Greenwood is wood that has just been cut and not seasoned. This is a tree that I will avoid even if it is free! But when burnt while still holding more than 20% moisture in its wood, it will continue to release that unpleasant smell. Everyone has these charts but none of the wood listed is available here in Southern Cal. Over the years Ive heard people in this region say it gets too hot for stovesif they use only the mahogany I imagine. Do you split with a maul and wedges, or with a gas powered splitter? Take care when cutting them and work with a partner. You can click on the different types of firewood in the chart to learn more about them. I've never seen birds eating the berries. But it does burn off a substantial amount of ash. Thanks. By assessing the fire characteristics of Russian olive firewood, it will be easier to identify which scenarios and settings the firewood is best suited for. Do You have Russian Olive on your land?Contact Amanda Kuenzi A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked wood. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The cons are , no coal bed in the morning and it burns down a bit faster than the ash but it puts out real good heat. Can anyone confirm this? Some fully seasoned apple,beech and american elm and some partially seasoned pecan and bradford pear . I do know the tree I burned had a bad aroma . Would it be possible to post the btu value of Monterey Pine? Though they are slightly different species, a Russian olive tree will most likely be found growing near autumn olive trees, which are just as invasive. How Often Should I Remove Creosote From My fireplace? We strive to provide opinions, articles, discussions and history related to Hearth Products and in a more general sense, energy issues. should be cut and split and dry out for two years before burning. The better your firewood has been seasoned, the better it will burn. I cant seem to find any info on suitability of Tupelo or Black Gum for firewood. The few times he has a bonfire he cooks hotdogs and marshmallows over treated oak pallet wood !!! It is a hardwood that can produce a lot of heat for a long time. Im still retrieving all the down stuff and will continue for a couple years, at least. all our needs now,and for a few more years,sad business. Probably about 5 btus per cord. I found that if you have some green (wet) wood and want to have a campfire go to your local hardware store and buy a duraflame fire log . Keeps for a couple years at best. We like to go ahead and cut the stump in 9 sections. Because of the air space between the pieces of wood, the amount of solid wood in a cord may be only 70-90 cubic feet, even though the volume of the stack is 128 cubic feet. Glad that these charts settle the madrone/euk BTU argument. In these states, selling or planting them is often illegal. The apple is a good secret that most wood burners never thought of . Ponderosa Pine, commonly used to heat homes in this area, burns at 21.7 British thermal units (BTU), which in simple terms, means it burns hot and long. THATS HOW THEY DO IT! There is more smoke from wood than coal so ignore the GreenFascist/ACORN Brownshirts and their deceits. Other invasive olive trees are the Autumn olive (. But have found fore killed spruce / pine that had topsburned off in forest fire but roots kept sending sap to tree gives best heat ! While this sounds simple, its essential to get it right. Another opinion added to the interwebs Cheers, Happy Burning. What wood would you say it is similar to on the b.t.u. Not to mention the spikey nuts that are hard on the mower and gutters. Happy burning C. I have 30 acres in northwest Missouri. For all the work of cutting and curing any variety of wood, coal is the BEST for heating. The limbs in the middle of the tree usually rest on the ground, providing stability. Ensure that there are enough gaps between each log to allow them to air dry effectively. Mostly ash, cherry, shagbark hickory, maple and beech. All Rights Reserved. The speices discussion boils down to one quantitative parameter, I.e. After seeing this list, I now understand why live oak dulls my chainsaw blades so quick. Some have more heat than others but if you already have it you might as well cut it up and burn it. Our house is a 3 BR split level affair. The maple burns very well though w good hot hard coals that will last the night if I get too lazy to feed the fire at 3am. Still have some pieces, which are quite dry by now. This is best done in a wood stack, a few inches above ground, with a roof but no sides. Non resinous wood has around 8000 to 8500 BTU per pound, resinous wood has around 8600 to 9700 BTU per pound. There was a guy down the road whose stove completely melted when he filled it with all hedge. Thanks! BTU rating of russian olive stihltheone Nov 23, 2009 Active since 1995, Hearth.com is THE place on the internet for free information and advice about wood stoves, pellet stoves and other energy saving equipment. I dont know how they compare split and dried. Russian olive is a long lived tree (80-100 years) which grows rapidly up to 10 m in height and 30 cm in diameter and starts to fruit after 5-6 years. The small, more seasoned stuff burned with mid flame and burned very slow . they r clean , no bark or bugs, hard as a rock & burn hot! Lodgepole can generate a BTU as high as 17.7, making it one of the higher burning pines. I will burn some of the lesser wood, ie. Because of the air space between the pieces of wood, the amount of solid wood in a cord may be only 70-90 cubic feet, even though the volume of the stack is 128 cubic feet. I cant find any information anywhere on bradford pear btu either. Once burning, the only thing youll need to think about is finding the marshmallows. Builders planted them everywhere in Maryland, so talk about an abundant supply of firewood. I built a wood topped banjo with it and have loved the wood ever sense but it is a thorn bush and you will loose a lot of blood getting the wood and i lost a pickup tire to the 2inch thorns. Starting a fire with Russian olive can be challenging, so try to use softwood for kindling. Funny, just made an archery bow from Autumn Olive, close relative, and it had a very pleasant smell. My wife and I just purchased 12.5 acres of old growth hard wood forest in Pembroke, NY (Sugar Maple, Beech, Cherry, Ash to name a few) and will be on my way there today to give the Stihl a work out !!! Tip: Olive wood gives off a funky, unpleasant smell if it isnt given enough seasoning. Ive only ived here for the last 4 years, It should have been pruned back many years ago but now to late and needs to be cut down. You may notice that as the dry weight per cord increases, so does the BTU rating. However, as a downside, it tends to spit embers from time to time and produce a fair amount of ash. My stock is quite soft and light weight. I had intended to include a reference to my location but failed to do so. As a result, a cord of wood may only have 70-90 cubic feet of actual solid wood. I have cut and burned a bit of Russian Olive. It does have thorns and it is easy to work. i have burned firewood about 34 years and it is obvious the people who compiled the listings here have never used firewood for heat [ college educated idiots ] and i feel sorry for the people who cant recognize fools at point blank range!! What Are The Varieties Of Russian Olive Wood? Yet it will not burn, just smoke. It will dry out for a season and then be split and distributed in 2018 or 2019. It is a decent fuel, but very heavy when green and very light when dry. Around here it is about the most common tree taken down by tree services, so lots of firewood guys sell it because they get the wood dropped off in their yards for free. For dirty steak Ive used these same woods plus these additions: choke cherry (prunus virginiana), manzanita, Oregon Ash (Fraxinus latifolia), and white alder (Alnus rhombifolia). As has been said, quite unpleasant. Don't burn it until it has seasoned for at least one year. [email protected]. Coals produced by firewood impact how long it will burn before needing more wood added. or should I stay clear.Phil. This is russian olive. However, Russian olive wood still takes at least 12 months to dry and is difficult to split despite next to no sap production. The branches are straight-grained and pop apart easily. It is surpassed by 13 other varieties that have as much as 37% more BTUs per cord! So long as youre only burning good hardwoods and/or clean white (non-glossy/colored) paper stock and kindling, you should spread your ashes on your favorite acreage for the potash. Dont worry about the ashes your stove produces. ), You can help support the site by buying one of these resources, designed and published by The Wood Database. Much like poplar firewood varieties, the wood from the Russian olive in most cases is easy to split. How Often Should I Remove Creosote From My fireplace? correlates closely with relative weight (and deciduous. It is a hardwood that can produce a lot of heat for a long time. But since then, they have spread wildly due to their deep, re-sprouting roots. Weve been lucky the past years to find eucalyptus but have been offered almond this season. But unlike other woods like birch, Russian olive catches fire very slowly. I know I know I can hear the comments about creosote but as long as it is dry and you give it air to burn it does great. Surprisingly, Russian olive firewood does not produce many coals. I live in WI. One random ember could quickly start an unwanted fire. Hey Mikee, your right, red oak goes fast and so does beech and elm. Im also interested in getting photos of completed wood projectsespecially of obscure or lesser known woods. I live in eastern oregon and my main problem is the identification of trees. Right now, I have neighbors interested in buying some wood from me, and am waiting for permission to harvest some mulberry (the devil itself to set on fire and man, does it spark, but abundant here and as energy-rich as white oak). According to wikipedia bradford pear trees originally come from China. When cutting, I have to sharpen my chain saw pretty frequently. Great site! Read to find out. Russian olive does produce a lot of heat. Cut a horizontal cut one-third of the way through the trunk with the chainsaw. Does anyone have any experience with gum? Compiled from various sources. Maybe less in some places with more sun and less humidity, but still they take a long time. We have tons of the best hard woods in this country . However, because of the trees rapid growth and adaptability to poor soil, its now considered an invasive species in many areas of the United States. Fires made solely with this wood are difficult to start. Nothing seasons meat on the grill like the cherryalthough I look forward to trying beech based on comments above. Northern Cal checking in, renovated an old homestead 5 years ago and have been clearing doug fir and california bay laurel for fire safety zone around the house. It is not wood that leaks water as soon as it is split, unlike sycamore wood. For the very old man. There is nothing wrong with burning well seasoned softwoods, but care should be taken not to over fire with ones that tend to burn fast and hot. Comments:Originally brought to the United States in the late 1800s for windbreaks and erosion control (and as an ornamental tree). I live in the White Mountains of Arizona. The issue is that Russian olive is hard to buy as firewood and difficult to process in large quantities as opposed to hackberry for example. I didnt find any data about almond wood, in your stats, and thought you might like to include it. Just look for a barkless dead tree in a fence row . Around here it is just about the most common tree removed by tree services so lots of firewood guys sell it since they get it for free. My wood cribs have steel floors to keep the wood off the ground and away from bugs, so the wood stays dry. At this time of year, there is lower moisture and sap content, resulting in quick-seasoning wood. The russian olive gets it's feet in first now. I believe its commonly harvested in the northwest if you are in the US. density, and several qualitative parameters smell, ash production, fast/slow burn, ease of starting, ease of splitting, color/look of flame, popping/sparking and probably others. This is also the order I would rate them. Not a true mahogany at all. with the exception of oak (usualy scrub oak), all the firewood vendors here have is Eucalyptus (no rating), Avacado (no rating), Almond (no rating) and mixed hardwood. But for softwood, it does burn well. Get loads of helpful info like how to swing an axe for more power and maintenance advice. The wood from these oak trees is prized for its strength and density, and that density makes it one of the best at producing heat. Russian olive or Elaeagnus Angustifolia is viewed as an invasive species. That being said, it is a wood that is mostly sold to hobbyists, so it can be hard to find a firewood seller who supplies Russian olive as firewood. This shrub's silvery foliage, showy flowers, and colorful berries made it popular in landscaping, though it was also planted extensively for a period of time in natural areas to provide erosion control, wind breaks, and wildlife food. It was partially seasoned so I really cant say if its good firewood or not . It does make a nice fire so maybe they should call it Good Fir Fire. I OWED A SAWMILL IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MTNS (LK ARROWHEAD, BIG BEAR AREA) AND THERE WAS ALOT OF THAT THERE (AS WELL AS IN NORTHERN CALI). Russian Olive grows fast and smells good, two ideal characteristics. Its BTU is just as high as birch which varieties produce a BTU of 23.8 million per cord and higher than douglas fir, which has a BTU of 20,7. The woods grain may be straight, wavy, curly, wild, or interlocked. you will be opening your windows in no time. Clear the brush around the Russian olive tree and plan an escape route. I have tentatively decided on part native Osage Orange [hedge apple] for the BTU but I see from all the knowledgeable comments here I need more than one type of wood. THE MAN MENTIONED CEDAR GAVE OFF LITTLE TO NO HEAT. I live in so. Richard, Seems most farmers are removing them now to get more acres in corn and soybeans. I did My little campfire experiment to find out the best hardwood for a campfire . Unseasoned wood smells unpleasant as it burns. It is difficult to evaluate available heat value of wood because of the complex process of obtaining heat from wood. rating for mountain mahogany. Is Russian Olive Good Firewood? Be sure to have a good roaring fire the whole time the wood is cooking and make sure the wood that is being used for charcoal is well seasoned .The greener the wood the less charcoal will be produced and it will greatly increase the production time.My next batch will be made using a 55 gal drum to hold the wood for charcoal and I will make a concrete block kiln to hold my fire.This should make about 50 -75 lbs of hickory pecan mix charcoal.

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